Settling In

It’s now been exactly two weeks since I left Scotland. In that time I have left everything that I knew and was familiar with to come to the complete unknown. The biggest hurdle is and may always be the language. Espanol is not easy! Not being able to open yourself up to people whom you are living with is strange. It feels almost anti-social even. At the time of writing I am currently living in a house near central Potosi. It has four floors and lots of space. So much so that there are different generations of this hospitable family living on different floors. We even have a wonderful woman named Victoria who cooks the most excellent lunches and dinners everyday. I had never put much thought into the reorganisation of my domestic life if truth be told but thanks to this family, I’ve so far had to worry about very little when it comes to this part of my new life.

The view of the Andes from my new home

Problems and worries are a normal part of most people’s lives. At least, they are a constant in mine. From the moment I arrived I was worrying about starting my new job. I also had the misfortune of my prized laptop breaking almost immediately. Both issues have since been resolved. The laptop was a simple case of formatting but it was the beginning of my new career that brought about the largest wave of relief. Nothing can be worse than self-doubt, questions that one raises about the ability to succeed in any profession. I was to be ‘flung’ into the deep end as it were. Children who barely spoke a word of English were to be sat there staring up at me, expecting some sort of professional expert to provide them with an actual means to learn a new language. It’s a responsibility if anything but one that I am slowly beginning to think I may be able to uphold. Who knows, let’s just wait and see.


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