Get the finger oot!

October 2014…I’m desperately trying to snooze on a 12 hour flight to London from Rio. The semi-edible in-flight meal has been scoffed down and the in-flight entertainment has been scoffed at. Why I always choose big budget action films to watch on the pathetic in-flight 12inch screen I’ll never know. I lie back in my seat and reminisce over the past 7 days. “I’ll sleep off my expectant jetlag”. The voice in my head sounded assured and motivated. “Then I’ll write my next blog on my latest adventure…”

July 2016…Shit!

Ok, so apparently I’m not the best at sticking to things, just ask my rather dusty guitar. The Rio post remains on my to-do list, amongst many others. I guess I lost my appetite for blogging shortly after Rio. There is something about living back in Scotland that I incessantly dislike. The thought of writing about where I had just been would have likely knocked me into a post travels shade of blue, bordering on purple.

This piece of ‘Modern Art’ in Rio summed up my feelings of going back home nicely

Now that I’m in Korea (didn’t you know?) I have steadily regained my appetite. Desk warming helps of course, but that’s for another post. This is merely a reintroduction, a warm-up if you will. Shaking the cobwebs free and stretching the old creative writing muscle. A little flexing to come if I’m up to it, perhaps a full gun-show once I’m in cruise control.

As a small “Slip inside the eye of your mind” I’ll round up Korea in what remains of this tedious post, then I’ll delve deeper into a few of my uniquely quirky experiences more thoroughly one by one in the near future.

So, a basic lasso over the last 4 months…

Korea, like any country in the world, is choc-a-bloc with positives and negatives. It’s a complete hikers’ paradise, yet little to no wildlife, it has great food, yet a real westernised feel in many local restaurants and cafes. It is brimming with a friendly, warm and curious people, however appears to also be a simmering pot of old fashioned conservatism and intolerance.

For every magnificent temple there lies a sprawling mass of giant white apartment blocks, each as identical as the last. The only difference each city holds from what I can gather, are the names of their train stations.

This truly is a yin yang type place, fitting incidentally, that the ‘Taegukgi’ is displayed in the centre of the Korean flag. A symbol of balance. Perhaps they should rename that circle ‘marmite’?

The Taegukgi or The Marmite?

It would be easy to keep milking the marmite metaphor, perhaps if only to make my first post in almost two years sound smart or clever. With the internet crammed full of blogs, many of which are about the same shit as the previous lot who came to Korea to teach English, I’m going to re-establish my own little corner, mark my territory like a male lion peeing over the local wild flower foliage, then sees who may come sniffing around. It won’t be unique but It’ll be fun.

Anything to get through desk warming I guess…



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