So Who Writes All This Nonsense?

Hello dear reader, my name is Stevie and I hail from the ever so worldly famous tropical paradise known and loved as Scotland. It is a vast land full of magic, wonder, and loads of dodgy sounding accents.

A land where castles rise up high, clouds hover low, our rivers run ginger with Irn-Bru and our finest sportsmen fail spectacularly.

So anyway, why the blog Stevie?

Well, having spent a considerable amount of time threatening to up sticks and move abroad, 2014 became the year where I finally put my money (or what little I had of it) where my perhaps regrettably large mouth is. This isn’t going to be the read of the century, but for what it’s worth, this will be an honest account of my view of the world. Perhaps I won’t go as far as I want to, or perhaps I’ll end up living in a permanent cycle of travelling like a complete Gypsy.

The blog itself takes its name from Jack Sparrow’s compass which was an unusual navigational instrument that he possessed. The compass was the key to everything, for those who knew how to use it. Unlike an ordinary compass, Jack’s compass proved most valuable, as it pointed to what the owner wanted most, rather than merely pointing to the magnetic north.

Metaphorically, I am using such a compass, going wherever it points, not where it ought to. As a consequence, this website is rapidly filling with all sorts of crap. Who knows where my compass will point next…